October 5, 2015

Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto

Welcome to the Park and Oak blog!  Christina and I became friends a couple years ago when we both moved to Glen Ellyn, IL with our families (3 kids each!).  She has been working as an interior designer and I started a blog last year that included food, travel, design, projects, and other random ideas.

It became very clear right away that Chris and I share a similar aesthetic and passion for design.  After spending a long weekend with our little girls downtown, the idea sparked that a collaboration could be the answer.  After many long discussions, we realized that her strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa.  So we decided to start an interior design business + blog, where we could blog about the projects that we’re working on and find new projects through the blog.  Chris has an incredible talent for creating sophisticated, inviting spaces and also for working with clients to make them feel comfortable and happy throughout the process.  In starting the blog last year, I discovered my own passion for styling, whether it be an interior, photograph or event.

The name Park & Oak comes from the name of the streets that we live on, Christina on Park and I’m over on Oak.   We thought the names fit together quite nicely  – fate, right?

Christina will mostly be working with the clients and I’ll be blogging away and taking photos over on our Instagram and Facebook, and Pinterest pages.  We’ll work on design boards for both clients and the blog together because that’s where the magic happens.  One person adds, the other subtracts, adds something else and so on until we’re left with a result that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We will be posting updates on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, along with sending out emails.  We hope to see you here again!

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    1. This is amazing ladies! I can’t get enough of your blog… Your creativity and beautiful designs are inspiring. Together you make a great team; your individualized talents compliment each other perfectly. Well done. You friend, royelle

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