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September 12, 2017

Park & Oak

Today we are dreaming of beautiful wallpaper patterns. Whether or not to use wallpaper can be a difficult decision. You may find yourself wondering if wallpaper is in style, out of style, or if the pattern you select will go out of style. Maybe I’m the only one but these are definitely some concerns that popped into my mind when picking my first wallpaper pattern. What I learned from that experience is that wallpaper is art, and if you buy a piece of art you love, it will never tire.

Here are a few considerations for wallpaper pattern selection. Look for wallpaper patterns that arrest you and take the time to learn more. Who is the wallpaper maker, what is the the history of the pattern or design, how was it made, why was it made, what was the inspiration. If you find personal connections here, chances are you can’t go wrong.

If you are still uneasy, start with wallpaper in the powder room. It is a small surface area that can afford high quality statement materials and it will most certainly delight all of your guests. Below are some of our favorite Park & Oak powder rooms along with other inspiration.  We’ve also organized our wallpaper round up below by florals, nature, wildlife, plaids,  and prints.

Park & Oak bathrooms:

Our inspiration:


justin bernhaut







Park & Oak wallpaper




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