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October 25, 2017

Park & Oak Timeless Rugs

We were attempting to come up with a list of current rug trends, but trends are usually something that we try to stay away from. Our philosophy here at Park and Oak is to create a classic aesthetic that will stand the test of time.  So, our “trend” is no trend but how do you even find that with all of the beautiful room and rug styles out there?! Not to mention some of those other little details. Location, size, material, color, pattern, and quality. Add in some scrolling and pinning and you go from timeless to endless rug searching. It sounds like my favorite day ever but if you want a few short cuts, here are few things to consider.

Location and material. This is a good place to start. In high traffic areas like the hallway you might try durable fiber rugs like, wool, cotton, or sisal. The same for kitchens and bathrooms. For the living areas or dining room – wool and silk. Wool wins material timelessness for versatility, silk for elegance, cotton and sisal for simplicity.

Once you’ve determined the material you can start exploring color and patterns. The best colors are the ones that exist in nature. Solids and neutrals or multi color rugs that use jewel toned reds, blues, and greens, are all typically timeless.

Pattern selection may be a tipping point for whether or not your rug is timeless so relying on the classics always helps. Longest history of rug making earns points for timelessness. The rug types with the richest histories are Persian, Moroccan, Scandinavia, and Vintage.

Persians are well known for their striking beauty and quality. I can’t seem to think of a surface I do not love a Persian on, especially marble or oak. This rug type has more than 2,500 years of history behind it and is still highly sought after by buyers. The intricate designs, often hand woven wool, are works of art. The most common Persian patterns are tribal, medallion, and all-over. Persians are like Paris. Paris is always a good idea.

Moroccan rugs have free form geometric patterns called trellis and tiles. They mostly use neutral colors and can be used to add warmth to a modern space or as a modern touch to a traditional space.  They also come in plush piles which is nice for when a little extra softness and comfort is desired.

Scandinavia rugs are clean and cheery with muted or bold and bright colors. The most classic scandinavian patterns are geometric but you will also see more exotic designs that use floral and wildlife shapes. Scandinavia rugs are calming and down and to Earth with an understated elegance.

Then there are Vintage rugs. By definition they are timeless and have probably already lived through the 1970s, 1980s,and 1990s in another home very stylishly. Vintage rugs are typically high quality and increase in value over time making them a great investment.

When in doubt, there is what you love. You will know it when you see it. Maybe its right here in this Park & Oak timeless rugs round-up.  And the good news is that our friends at  Rugs Direct  are offering a 15% off promotion for our readers right now.


Park & Oak timeless rugs

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