The Right White

June 15, 2017

Park and Oak favorite whites

It’s no secret that we love white here at P&O.   It might be a secret that finding the perfect whites almost drove me to insanity.  It seems like it would be a simple task, white is just WHITE, how could it go wrong???   But unfortunately it could go very, very wrong.  Although on a tiny paint sample, it might just look like white, there could be undertones and once it is all over the walls, your basic white could end up looking like an unintentional pastel.   So, I carried around the white paint samples for weeks, looking at them throughout the day in different lights, agonizing over undertones.  At one point, Christina actually thought I was losing my mind and was concerned for my wellbeing.  But choosing the right color for a space is worth the agony, don’t you agree?

Over time, we’ve learned to trust a few of our favorites that seem to consistently deliver in all of our projects, which makes it a little easier to manage paint color stress.

Here we used Benjamin Moore White Dove, which is the perfect off white that is not too warm, not too cool.


Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is a nice crisp, clean white.

Park and Oak favorite whites

Benjamin Moore Simply White has warm undertones that can make a room feel like it’s glowing.


Sherwin Williams Alabaster is another great off white.

Benjamin Moore Super White is the perfect cooler white, with a hint of gray undertones.  It looks great with marble.

Here’s another bathroom where we used Benjamin Moore Super White.


This is my own kitchen and I used Farrow and Ball Wimborne White on the cabinets – it’s another warm white that works well in almost any space.

Park and Oak favorite whites





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