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May 9, 2017

Next up in our outdoor series is our Outdoor Accessories Roundup. Our team had a ton of fun pulling together some of our favorites to share.  Developing your outdoor living space goes beyond just furniture.   By doing a couple of things to accessorize your space, you can transform your backyard patio or deck into an outdoor retreat for your family and friends.

Lighting, pillows, plants and dishes can all be used to easily perk up your space and create the atmosphere that you desire.  We like to mix and match styles and incorporate colors with our accessories.  Some of our favorites include:  calm, cooling colors (think spa or island getaway),  fun patterns, teak and other natural materials.

Check out our Outdoor Accessories Roundup below, start shopping (all links are at the bottom) , and get ready for some long evenings of fun outside!

Some pretty inspiration:

Via AtHomeArkansas

Via Inredningshjalpen

Via elledecoration


This is a bar cart that we styled last summer:




  1.   Umbrella  /  2.  Bar Cart  /  3.  Martini Side Table   /  4.  Kilim Outdoor Rug  /  5.  Montauk Chair  /  6.  Fog Outdoor Side Table  /  7.   Planter  /  8.  Pillows  /  9.   Tablecloth /  10.  Marble Plate  /  11.  Aerin Vases  /  12.  West Elm Tambor Concrete  /  13.  Swing Chair  /  14.  Wine Glasses  /  15.  Ottoman   /  16.  Floor Pillow  /  17.  Bar Cart  /  18.  Lantern  /  19.  Faceted Lantern  /  20.  Aerin Chiller  /  21.  Lacquer tray  
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