Holiday Gift Guide 2016

December 9, 2016

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Is anyone else really behind on Christmas shopping this year?  And pretty much everything else for the holidays?  I really wish I was one of those people that had the Christmas card perfectly timed to arrive on exactly December 1st, all of the holiday shopping completely finished in October, and the entire house decorated the day after Thanksgiving- wouldn’t it be such a relaxing and stress-free season?  You could frolic along all month, without seeing the mental checklist of things to do and urgent deadlines repeatedly flash in your head every 5 minutes.  But if you are like us and the cards aren’t even ordered and the shopping has not begun, then it’s going to be an intense few weeks as the countdown begins!

We discussed gift ideas at the office this week and there were a lot of great suggestions from everyone on the team, so we wanted to pass them on to you guys in an official holiday gift guide.

Happy shopping!

Park and Oak holiday gift guide 2016

  1. napkins    /     2. cake stand     /     3. candle     /     4. cutting board     /     5. marble bottle     /     6. wood frame board     / 7. tic tac toe     /     8. Love and Lemons     /     9. candle     /     10.  Peony Hill Press cards     /     11. wine tasting     /     12. peace sign     /     13. wine bag     /     14. Hermes soap     /     15. Beaches    /     16. wine glasses     /     17. art     /    18. tray     /    19. Molton Brown set
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