Favorite Artists: Clare Elsaesser

February 12, 2016

Clare Elsaesser

We’ve had a lot of clients lately that have been interested in building a collection of original art in their homes, which means a whole lot of fun for us.  I know that once I sit down at my computer and start the search, I am diving down a rabbit hole and will eventually resurface hours later, not really sure of where the time went.  During one of these quests, I stumbled upon the artist Clare Elsaesser, and she stopped me right in my tracks.  You hear the term “breathtaking” all the time, and in this case, I mean it in the most literal sense of the word.  I think I actually stopped breathing the first time I saw her painting “Married to the Sea”.

Clare Elsaesser

And then one image after another, it was almost too much to handle.  The colors, the composition, the emotion, just perfection.  Here are a a few more examples of her work, but there are many more available in her Etsy shop.

Clare Elsaesser

Clare Elsaesser Clare Elsaesser Clare Elsaesser Clare Elsaesser Clare Elsaesser Clare Elsaesser

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    1. Oh my goodness Renee! They are so breathtaking. In love. Thx for sharing. Park and oak looks amazing. Nice work. Xo

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