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September 19, 2017

Park and Oak Design


We are loving everything plaid on the blog today. There are a variety plaid patterns, each with a unique personality, it’s hard to pick a favorite.  Windowpane check, featured in this photo, is named after the pattern of panes on a window. The pattern is simple, only using a combination of 2 colors, yet it adds a great layer of depth and sophistication to the room. We can call it the airiest plaid of the plaid patterns. It is also beautiful in fashion.

Our inspiration







What’s your favorite plaid? So many choices…and these are just a few.

Tartan. A royal classic. This is a heritage pattern most commonly used for Scottish kilts. Tartans have a timeless quality as each pattern is based on a family name and geography with the oldest tartan dating back some 3,000 years ago. Each family would design and produce their own pattern using local vegetable dyes. The tartans you may recognize most are Royal Stewart, Black Watch, and Burberry check.

Tattersal. This is a sporty pattern with thin and regular spaced stripes in alternating colors. The name says it all. Tattersal takes its name from the Tattersal horse market in London 1776. If you love horses and equestrian culture, this pattern is perfect for you. I like this pattern for spring but its known for its versatility and works well during any season.

Madras. This pattern is bold and bright like summer which is why it is most popularly used for preppy summer clothing. We used to have a Malibu Madras tablecloth that I loved using for picnics. It took wear and tear well without losing its charm. The dye in these patterns are supposed to wash and fade over time.

Gingham. A playful and fun pattern with an authentic country-style. While widely used for home goods, this pattern has also been worn by style icons like Katherine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. A little gingham in your home or in you closet is always a good idea.

Glen Plaid. Also knows as The Prince of Whales check, this pattern says very important guest with a bold and professional tone. This pattern typically consists of two dark stripes and two light stripes with 4 dark stripes and 4 light stripes which create a complex criss cross pattern of irregular checks. I like this pattern best for wool throws or tailored suiting. Italian glen plaid is one of a kind.

If you can’t decide on a favorite, maybe this everything plaid round up will help!

Chair / Cape / Pajamas / Napkins / Pillow / Rug / Blanket / Shoes / Comforter / Coat / Dining Chairs / Glasses / Apron / Bowl / Plaid Shirt / Plates / Shoes / Ottoman



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