Design Board for a Girl’s Room

January 29, 2016

design board for a girls room

It’s Friday!!!!   I’m running behind on everything in life and I can fully place blame on the addictive show “Making a Murderer”.  Ever heard of it?  Right, at least several times a day I hear someone talking about it, it’s that good.   My friend just sent me this image, which I thought to be hilariously accurate: making a murderer

I was definitely questioning who I was as I was yelling at the TV and my husband at the end of the show.   I still don’t know exactly what I believe, it’s been an emotional roller coaster.

Ok, on to the point of this post, which has absolutely nothing to do with Making a Murderer.

Chris and I put together a design board for a girl’s room to give you guys an example of what we create for our clients.  This imaginary girl is in grade school, and we wanted to create a space that is youthful and fun, but will grow with her as she gets older.  The key with kids rooms is to get bigger furniture pieces that are more sophisticated and they will not quickly outgrow (ie giant firetruck bed).   We like to bring in the fun with accessories and smaller, less expensive pieces that can be switched out as they get older.

We started this board with a different bed, and then decided that the bed was not right, which meant that we had to change out everything else in the room.   The pieces all work together to create a sum that is greater than its parts, so if one thing changes, it throws off the balance.  We ended up with a totally different concept than what we started with!

design board for a girls room


  1. Wallpaper
  2. And though she be but little, she is fierce
  3. Mirror
  4. lamp
  5. dresser
  6. floor lamp
  7. chair
  8. pillow
  9. basket
  10. bed
  11. pillow
  12. pillow
  13. pillow
  14. end table
  15. art
  16. art
  17. stool
  18. rug
  19. pouf
  20. Jane Austen book set
  21. book cart
  22. bedding

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