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Park and Oak favorite whites

The Right White

It's no secret that we love white here at P&O.   It might be a secret that finding the perfect whites almost drove me to insanity.  It seems like it would be a simple task, white is just WHITE, how could it go wrong???   But unfortunately it could go very, very wrong.  Although on a tiny paint sample, it might just look like white, there could be undertones and once it is all over the walls, your basic white…

Park and Oak's favorite colors: Farrow and Ball Hague Blue

Favorite Colors: Hague Blue

It's exactly 1 degree here in Chicago and everything is completely frozen!  With all of this cold weather, I've been feeling very drawn to the deep and moody Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball lately, with it's dark, yet still colorful attitude. Navy is always a classic choice and somewhat of a neutral color because it blends in seamlessly with so many different color schemes.  Hague Blue takes navy to the next level, with rich and sophisticated undertones.  My favorite…

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Favorite Colors: Kendall Charcoal

When it comes to choosing colors for a room, we're usually drawn to more extreme colors.  Either bright and very light, or deep, moody tones with a dramatic impact.   One of the most versatile deep, dramatic colors is Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal.  It's a rich, pure gray color that doesn't reflect any unwanted undertones.  It looks great with gold, natural wood, and white accents.  Here are a few examples of people nailing it with Kendall Charcoal: Via House and Home…