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design board for a girls room

Design Board for a Girl’s Room

It's Friday!!!!   I'm running behind on everything in life and I can fully place blame on the addictive show "Making a Murderer".  Ever heard of it?  Right, at least several times a day I hear someone talking about it, it's that good.   My friend just sent me this image, which I thought to be hilariously accurate: I was definitely questioning who I was as I was yelling at the TV and my husband at the end of the show.   I…

Park & Oak living room design board

Living room e-design example

Ok, well the past few months have been a whirlwind.  Chris and I didn't know what to expect as we blindly took the plunge into this new venture, and we are so thrilled to take on a lot of new local clients! We just decided to expand our services into e-design.  If you're not familiar with e-design, it basically means that we can design a space for you based on photos and measurements, even if you are across the country.  …