The Barrington Renovation: Before and Afters

August 16, 2016

kitchen remodel

Ok, so I know it’s been quite some time since we posted on the blog, but a lot has happened in the last couple months.  First and foremost, we moved into a new studio, right downtown Glen Ellyn!  It’s a brand new world so far, with more space to organize samples and accessories, and then also room for the new employees we are hiring.  Very exciting stuff.  We also just started on several new builds and renovations, so as we were trying to keep up with the growth, the blog had to be put on the back burner because there is just not enough time in the day.  The good news is that with new employees and a new office, everything is running smoother and more efficiently so we can get back to blogging.

Both Christina and I are passionate about renovating existing homes.  It is an exciting challenge to keep the character and charm of an older homes, but also introduce modern elements to create a delicate balance.   New builds are fun and exciting as well, but in a different “we have full control of every detail” sort of way.  Renovations have all kinds of limitations so you are constantly faced with creative challenges.  Those challenges usually lead to solutions with unique details that you won’t find in a new build.  Plus, the shock value of the before and after photos can be very exciting 🙂

Here are a few before photos of the project:

DSC00424 DSC00440 DSC00434 DSC00429 DSC00428 DSC00427 DSC00426 A


Every renovation has a fair share of surprises.  In this family room, we were elated to discover that the ceiling could be vaulted!  To create even more visual interest and warmth, a wood beam was added and some large gold lanterns to modernize the space.  The kitchen was completely gutted, and the layout was reconfigured with all new cabinetry and appliances.   Here are the (hopefully) shocking afters:

living room remodel, Side Entry cabinet details kitchen remodel kitchen remodel kitchen remodel _MG_1154 kitchen remodel living room remodel living room remodel

living room remodel


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    1. Love the kitchen remodel! Just wondering if you would share the gray paint color on the island?

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