An updated porch

September 28, 2017

Park and Oak porch
You might have seen on our Instagram stories this week with Christina standing on our conference room table and installing ceiling tiles in our studio.  We are fully moved in to our new studio on Main Street but we are slowly making adjustments to make the space our own.   So, any given day, you might find us standing on tables, covered in dust and installing samples of drop in ceiling tiles.  The good news is that they work and our very corporate drop ceiling and fluorescent lighting will soon be transformed!   Next up: flooring.
We worked on this porch in Glen Ellyn over the summer and it came together last week.   We decided on a warmer wicker to balance the very unique black detail on the screens, it’s the Peninsula from one of our favorite companies, Summer Classics.  Adding a new rug, accessories, and pillows dramatically transformed the ambiance of the space.  Our client said she spends time here in the morning with coffee and in the evenings with a glass of wine.
Here is the before:
before photo
And after!  Have a great weekend, we’ll see you next week!
Park and Oak porch


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